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LS7720BLT - Lighting Stand w/ Side Bars
  • Sturdy lightweight stand with 2 heavy-duty clutches extends from 60" to 120" (10 feet)
  • 1 T-bar and 2 side bars holds 8 par cans and the Par Mount Hardware is included
  • Tripod folding base with rubber feet to prevent slipping


LS7730 - Lighting Stand w/ Truss
  • Two tripod base lighting stands with 3 telescoping vertical shafts, tension locking knobs and pins adjust and secure height to a max of 10.75'
  • Two T-bars hold 4 par cans each
  • Two 5' truss sections hold 4 par cans each
  • Easy assembly uses ergonomic thumb screws lock the truss sections together for a total of 10 feet of lighting support


LS-SS7770 - 10' Lighting / Speaker Stand
  • A heavy-duty design and rugged construction allows the LS/SS7770 to be used in a variety of applications
  • Extra long legs, a wide base spread and double brace leg supports make this stand extremely sturdy and safe
  • Tension locking knobs adjust height up to 10 Feet
  • Reversible upper shaft fits both 1 3/8" or 1 1/2" inserts


LS7805QIK - Power Crank-Up Lighting Stand
  • The POWER Crank-Up design provides the fastest, easiest and safest raising and lowering of most lighting systems. The integrated gear rack height adjust housing with a springloaded fold-away handle also accepts power drill
  • Our patented u-mount quick lighting arms allow for quick and secure setups and teardowns
  • Top T-bar holds up to 6 par lights while each arm holds 3 par lights each
  • Rubber feet dampen vibration and eliminate slippage


LS7720QIK - Quick-Connect u-mount Lighting Stand
  • Fastest, secure way to erect and dismantle lightweight portable lighting arrays
  • T-bar design plus 2 LSA7700P side bars
  • Fixtures can be mounted in limitless configurations
  • Reduced set up and tear down times
  • Aluminum base and trunk, steel upper shaft


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