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    Locking Speaker Adapter

    • Eliminates speaker wobble
    • Easy on, easy off
    • Oversized manual activation ring makes it easy to engage/disengage the anti-wobble feature
    • Expanding pressure pads fill gaps between the pole and insert
    • Works with any 1 3/8" cup mount
    Product Attributes
    ApplicationPrevents speaker shaft wobble
    Diameter1 3/8"
    Length12" including 3" overlap on speaker shaft
    Weight CapacityDetermined by stand used
    ConstructionSteel tubing; plastic pressure pads
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    The SSA45 Adapter provides an effective solution to eliminate speaker wobble. Simply attach the adapter to your favorite On-Stage Stands speaker stand, then mount your speaker as usual. A manually activated ring controls sliders that expand to fill the gap between the pole and the speaker's insert, reducing the degree of wobble from wind, sound, or audience vibrations. Your speaker will stand straight, giving you peace of mind and adding a professional look to your set up. Fits on 1-3/8" stands and mounts to any speaker cabinet with an integrated pole mount.
    Brand Name
    On-Stage Stands
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    Speaker Stands
    Short Description:
    Locking Speaker Adapter
    Prevents speaker shaft wobble
    1 3/8"
    12" including 3" overlap on speaker shaft
    Determined by stand used
    Steel tubing; plastic pressure pads
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