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Hang-It!™ ProGrip II Guitar Stand

  • Auto-close and release spring-loaded yoke
  • Inert rubber padding
  • Cam locking mid-point clutch
  • Low-profile cam-locking clutch holds up to 40 lbs. and adjusts stand height from 30" - 43"
  • Reinforced leg braces for max support and stability
  • Non-slip rubber end caps
  • The spring-loaded yoke design is constructed of reinforced ABS plastic, which supports any guitar or similar stringed instrument
Product Attributes
ApplicationHolds 1 guitar
Height Adj.30" - 43"
Weight Capacity40 lbs.
PaddingInert rubber
ConstructionSteel / reinforced nylon leg housing and clutches
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The GS8200 combines the security and convenience of an auto-locking yoke with the ease of the Hang-It!™ design. Simply hang your guitar on the patent-pending yoke and the weight of your guitar draws the spring-loaded yoke arms to pull the gates of the yoke shut, all in one single action! Removal is just as easy; picking up your guitar opens the gates instantly. Improved features include a purple designer cam locking mid-point clutch and reinforced leg housing. Other features include inert rubber padding, reinforced tripod leg braces, and non-slip rubber end caps.
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On-Stage Stands
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Other Plucked Instrument Accessories
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Hang-It!™ ProGrip II Guitar Stand
Holds 1 guitar
30" - 43"
40 lbs.
Inert rubber
Steel / reinforced nylon leg housing and clutches
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