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Crank-Up Subwoofer Attachment Shaft

  • Hand crank adjusts height from 30-42" and folds up compactly when not in use

  • Fits 1 3/8" speakers and subwoofers with included adapter to accept 1 1/2" speakers

  • M20 threading eliminates wobble at subwoofer

  • Perfect for small to mid-size speakers up to 145 pounds

Product Attributes
ApplicationSubwoofer Shaft with height crank
Length30" - 42"
Diameter1 3/8"
Weight Capacity145 lbs.
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The SS7747 is designed for use with the new breed of compact high-powered subwoofers that utilize a M20 x 2.5 threaded pole mount. The threaded mount improves on the typical cup design by eliminating wobble and guaranteeing a perpendicular alignment between subwoofer and pole. The system effectively eliminates the perceptible lean often associated with subwoofer-mounted satellite setups and is a space-saving alternative to tripod speaker stands. Height adjustment is easy thanks to the SS7747's folding hand crank. The pole's rack and pinion components are constructed of diecast zinc and allow for a 12" travel. Turning the hand crank adjusts the SS7747 from 30" to 42" with a warning label indicating maximum height. Overall height range is determined by the size of the supporting subwoofer. In addition to the folding hand crank, the adjustment system features a friction safety knob and stabilizer ring. The upper shaft is constructed of heavy-duty 1.6mm extruded aluminum and fits speaker cabinets with 1-3/8" pole mount inserts. An optional SSA2 adapter allows the use of 1-1/2" inserts. The SS7747 is designed to support a properly balanced speaker of up to 145 lbs.
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On-Stage Stands
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Audio Accessories
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Crank-Up Subwoofer Attachment Shaft
Subwoofer Shaft with height crank
30" - 42"
1 3/8"
145 lbs.
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