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Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z Keyboard w/ 2nd Tier

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  • Product Image: 12763_KS7365-EJ_OSS_main.jpg
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Independent height and width adjustment.Holds two keyboards. Height adj.: 33.875 – 37”, width adj: 21-37". 400 lbs. Capacity on the stand, 60 lbs. capacity on the 2nd tier.
  • Holds two keyboards yet folds into a space smaller than most keyboard cases
  • Front bumpers adjust/rotate to accommodate the height of your keyboard.
  • Height adjusts with 8 line-it-up adjustment marks
  • Width adjustments from 21”-37”
  • Holds 55-key keyboards in the compact position and up to 88-keys at its maximum width

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Truly professional. Truly heavy-duty. This stand allows for independent height and width adjustments and can hold 2 keyboards, yet folds into a space smaller than most keyboard cases. It was created with the help of some of the most discriminating keyboard professionals in the world, and now any musician can get onstage with this impressive stand!

Applications: DJ, Mixer and Keyboards
Independent Height&Width Adjustments:
Stand Height Adj.: 33.875 – 37”
Stand Width Adj.: 21”-37”
First Tier Depth: 16.5”
2nd Tier Height Adj.: 5”-12” (above first tier)
2nd Tier Angle Adj.: 10°increments
2nd Tier Depth: 16.25”
Construction: All-welded
Structural Tubing: 1” x 2”
Center Box Tubing: ¾”
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
Weight Capacity, 2nd Tier: 60 lbs.
Padding: Black Velveteen Rubber
For more information about this product contact an On-Stage Rep today @ 800.289.8889
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On-Stage Stands
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Other Keyboard Accessories
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Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z Keyboard w/ 2nd Tier
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