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  • Isolation Shield | ASMS4730

Isolation Shield

  • 18.5" x 12" Isolation Shield

  • Vented aluminum surround panel with metal frame and 2" acoustic foam

  • Included mounting brackets attach Isolation Shield to most standard mic stands

  • Additional shaft included to mount microphone

Product Attributes
ApplicationAcoustic Shield
Dimensions18 1/2" x 12" x 2"
Height Adj5.5" from level
Depth Adj2" - 7" from screen
Weight4.5 lbs.
MaterialVented aluminum with 2" acoustic foam
ColorBlack and chrome
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Turn your microphone stand setup into a recording environment! The ASMS4730 Isolation Shield is a lightweight and portable shield that mounts onto most standard microphone stands, creating a mini recording studio. Constructed from a vented aluminum surround panel, metal frame and 2” acoustic foam, the ASMS4730 blocks out unwanted background noise and improves the direct sound output when recording. Included mounting brackets attach the shield easily to most standard mic stands, and an included microphone mounting bar can position your mic as close as 2” from the screen, and as far as 7” away from the screen. Entire screen adjusts vertically up to 5-1/2”.
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On-Stage Gear
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Audio Accessories
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Isolation Shield
Acoustic Shield
18 1/2" x 12" x 2"
5.5" from level
2" - 7" from screen
4.5 lbs.
Vented aluminum with 2" acoustic foam
Black and chrome
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