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Foam Speaker Platforms, Small

  • Product Image: 12831_ASP3001_OSG_main.jpgClick for Larger Image
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  • Product Image: 12831_ASP3001_OSG_main.jpg
  • Product Image: 12831_ASP3001_OSG_rear.jpg
  • Product Image: 12831_ASP3001_OSG_zoom.jpg
  • Product Image: 12831_ASP3001_OSG_angle.jpg
  • Product Image: 12831_ASP3001_OSG_angle1.jpg
  • Product Image: 12831_ASP3001_OSG_angle2.jpg
  • Product Image: 12831_ASP3001_OSG_angle3.jpg
  • Product Image: 12831_ASP3001_OSG_pack.jpg
  • Will accommodate studio monitors up to 6.5” in width and 11.5” in depth
  • Dimensions : 6.5" x 11.5" x 1.5" per platform
  • Weight: .15 lbs. each; about .4 lbs. per pair
  • Includes two bases and two wedges

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List: $21.99



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Foam Speaker Platforms, LargeFoam Speaker Platforms, Medium
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By decoupling studio monitors from their workspace, the ASP3001 isolates the true tone and frequency range of playback recordings. Without the use of On-Stage Acoustic Speaker Platforms, studio monitors build-up bass frequencies on hard surfaces; creating the semblance of a low-end in the mix. By creating separation between the speakers and the work surface with these durable foam wedges, studio engineers will enjoy a more accurate audio picture of their recordings.

The ASP3001 will accommodate studio monitors up to 6.5” in width and 11.5” in depth.
For more information about this product contact an On-Stage Rep today @ 800.289.8889
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On-Stage Gear
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Audio Accessories
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Foam Speaker Platforms, Small
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