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  • Utility Cart | UTC2200

Utility Cart

  • Safely hauls 485 lb of heavy gear to reduce load-in and load-out times

  • Casters rotate 360° for ease of steering while large treaded wheels provide traction

  • Bed size adjusts to take on large loads or fit through tight spaces

  • Handles can lie flat against the bed to clear the way for oversized gear

Product Attributes
ApplicationGear transportation
Weight Capacity485 lbs.
Compact Size(W)13.5" x (L)28.5"
Extended Size(W)13.5" x (L)42.5"
Platform Bed Height10.5"
Handle Height31"
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Our UTC2200 Utility Cart weighs less than 29 lb yet hauls 485 lb of gear in a single trip. The adaptable bed expands to make room for large loads and it contracts to negotiate tight spaces. Ergonomically positioned handles at each end facilitate comfortable pushing, pulling, and steering by one person or multiple people and the handles can lie flat against the bed to clear the way for oversized gear. Safety features include locking casters that keep the cart from rolling during loading and unloading as well as anchor points on the frame for straps to secure equipment. For efficient storage and transportation, the bed contracts and the handles fold down.
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On-Stage Stands
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Other Accessories
Short Description:
Utility Cart
Gear transportation
Weight Capacity
485 lbs.
Compact Size
(W)13.5" x (L)28.5"
Extended Size
(W)13.5" x (L)42.5"
Platform Bed Height
Handle Height
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