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Power Crank-Up Lighting Stand

  • The POWER Crank-Up design provides the fastest, easiest and safest raising and lowering of most lighting systems. The integrated gear rack height adjust housing with a springloaded fold-away handle also accepts power drill
  • Our patented u-mount quick lighting arms allow for quick and secure setups and teardowns
  • Top T-bar holds up to 6 par lights while each arm holds 3 par lights each
  • Rubber feet dampen vibration and eliminate slippage
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Quick, convenient set up, sleek and super stable, the LS7805QIK takes portable lighting stands to the next level. Height adjustable from 54 to 132 inches, the aluminum, black powder-coated LS7805QIK can be operated by hand or with any standard cord or battery-powered hand drill. The 48" long, 1-1/2" diameter top bar accommodates six par cans, while two, independently adjustable and quickly mounted side bars support three additional par cans each. And with a 54" tripod base deploying the 1-1/2" diameter upper shaft with 1-3/8" tubing, the LS7805B comfortably supports up to 80 lbs. of show-stopping illumination and effects.
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On-Stage Stands
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Lighting Stands and Trusses
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Power Crank-Up Lighting Stand
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