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  • Collapsible A-Frame Guitar Stand | GS7364

Collapsible A-Frame Guitar Stand

  • Durable A-frame guitar stand collapses for ease of storage and portability

  • Locking pin adjusts to 3 positions

  • Stepped yoke holds both acoustic and electric guitars

  • EVA rubber padding won't damage your guitar

  • 10-degree tilt back angle and splayed foot print make for a stable foundation

  • Non-slip rubber end caps

  • Black powder coat finish

Product Attributes
ApplicationHolds 1 guitar
PaddingEVA rubber
Tubing1" x 1/2" Square
Tilt Angle10 Degrees
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The On-Stage GS7364 -- durable, highly portable, sleek and super-stable -- takes road-worthy, studio-ready adaptability to a whole new level. Collapsible and flat-folding for ease of storage and transportation, the all-aluminum, black powder coated A-Frame's three position locking pin and stepped yoke accommodate both electric and acoustic guitars. Additionally, EVA foam padding protects instrument finish, while 10 degree tilt-back angle and splayed, tripod legs (complete with non-slip rubber feet) ensure secure placement. Perfect for production companies' ever-evolving stage plans and touring professionals alike, the overly-versatile GS7364 does only one thing you can't find in almost any other stand: just about everything.
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On-Stage Stands
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Collapsible A-Frame Guitar Stand
Holds 1 guitar
EVA rubber
1" x 1/2" Square
10 Degrees
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