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  • Utility Cart Tray | UCA1500

Utility Cart Tray

  • Converts your On-Stage Utility Cart into a mobile workstation in seconds

  • Adds a sturdy table top; perfect for mixers, DJ controllers, lighting, AV equipment, and more

  • Includes 10 cable ties and built in cable ports for clean, organized audio & power cable routing

  • Top and side mounting slots allow various height configurations, compatible on all On-Stage Utility Carts

Product Attributes
ApplicationTable top tray for use with On-Stage Utility Carts
Size(L) 36" x (W) 17"
Tray Thickness1.2mm
Weight Capacity80 lbs
Weight7.5 lbs
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Bring Anything To The Table

The UCA1500 is a versatile attachment that converts your On-Stage Utility Cart into a portable workstation. Perfect for DJ's, A/V technicians, live sound engineers and educational use, it adds a sturdy 36 x 17-inch reinforced tabletop surface to the cart itself, letting you convert from "going" to "showing" in a flash.

Ready and Steady

The UCA1500 is so much more than a sturdy 2nd tier for carting gear back and forth. With slots for cable ties and two portholes for routing audio or power cables, audio professionals and DJs will find it to be the perfect companion for mixers, laptops, lighting controls, accessories, monitors and even display screens. It also includes 10 cable ties for maintaining a clean, organized setup.

Because the UCA1500 converts On-Stage Utility Carts, you can expect even more functionality out of these entertainment production workhorses. Top- and side-mounting slots provide various height configurations that adapt to your needs. Looking for an extra shelf Done. Need to raise your mixer up to a more ergonomic level Easy. Want to add a display monitor for a mid-event slideshow No sweat. The UCA1500 takes your On-Stage Utility Cart to a whole new level-literally!
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On-Stage Stands
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Utility Cart Tray
Table top tray for use with On-Stage Utility Carts
(L) 36" x (W) 17"
80 lbs
7.5 lbs
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