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Robert Morales

National Accounts Manager

All the On-Stage products and i am a pro audio specialist


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MSA8204 and MSA8304 Multi-Function MountsOn-Stage is pleased to acknowledge the recognition and positive response attending the release of two innovative, space-saving new products, the MSA8204 and MSA8304 u-mount Multi-Function Mounts. Elegant, attractive solutions for deploying multiple...Published July, 11
Keywords: MSA8204 and MSA8304 Multi-Function Mounts
On-Stage Stands introduces the MS7201QTR Round-Base Quarter Turn On-Stage-Stands, the leader in innovative accessories for the working musician, is proud to introduce the new MS7201QTR Quarter-Turn Round Base Microphone Stand. Adopting the same technology found on the MS7625B and the MS7625PG, the MS7201QTR was designed...Published February, 04
Keywords: On-Stage Stands introduces the MS7201QTR Round-Base Quarter Turn
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