6U Wall-Mount Knock-Down Rack

Model: RKD6000
UPC: 659814149667
Products Variants:
Doors and removable panels lock to keep your gear safe.
Easy for you to mount on a wall.
Ensures proper airflow to safeguard your equipment against overheating.
Flat packed for efficient shipping.
Lets you decide how many openings you need for your cables and antennas.
Provides you with easy access to the front and rear of your devices.
Secures and protects 6U of your rack-mount audio components.
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Protect and organize your rack-mount components by mounting them in the sturdy RKD6000 6U Wall-Mount Knock-Down Rack. The built-in rails accept standard #10-32 rack screws and there's room inside for 6U of standard 19-inch audio rack gear. This enclosed rack cabinet not only keeps gear safely inside but it also keeps unwanted intruders out. And that's not the only way it safeguards your gear. Eight vents on the top, front, and sides promote proper airflow to ensure that your equipment doesn't overheat. A lockable front door and two lockable removable panels on the sides enable you to easily access the front and rear of your devices to run cables and adjust settings. The side panels feature spring-loaded releases that hold them in place, leaving it up to you whether you'd like to lock them or not. For ease of setup and installation, the rear panel is also removable via four screws. Perforated port knockouts on the top and rear panels let you decide how many openings you need for your particular cable and antenna system. If you don't knock them out, they'll remain closed for maximum equipment enclosure. Keyhole hangers on the rear panel enable stable mounting of the rack on a wall, perfect for commercial sound installations, conference rooms, and recording studios. Optional feet are included if you wish to place the rack on a desk, workstation, or shelf. Or, if you find that you need to move your rack frequently, optional casters can be purchased separately. When the rack is parked for storage, presentations, performance, or recording, locks on the casters keep it firmly and safely in place. The case is constructed of steel for strength and stability to ensure reliable support for your equipment. Durably finished in classic black, the rack looks great, resists chips and scratches, and blends into your conference, livestream, stage, or studio setup to add to a professional presentation. When not in use, the frame can be disassembled for compact storage and efficient transportation.

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