ABY Switcher

Model: GSP1000
UPC: 659814140770
3-Color changing LED indicate A/B and A+B selections
Heavy-duty aluminum housing protects the internal components to ensure reliable performance
Nonslip rubber on the pedal bottom prevents skidding when using the switch
Splits one input for switching between two signal paths, or combines two inputs to share one signal path
True-bypass circuitry removes the pedal from the signal path when the pedal is off
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Our GSP1000 ABY Switcher gives musicians a choice of two-input/one-output or one-input/two-output configurations. This pedal excels at several applications including running one instrument to two amps in stereo, switching between two amps, plugging two instruments into one effect chain, or bypassing effects. Its true-bypass circuitry completely removes the pedal from the signal path when the pedal is turned off. The heavy-duty housing with nonslip rubber base ensures reliable performance.

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