Adjustable Desktop Mic Stand with Rocker-Lug

Model: DS8200
UPC: 659814129201
Compact stand for short-height miking and unobtrusive use on a desktop or podium
Heavy-duty clutch adjusts height 9"–14.25" for comfortable positioning
Rocker-Lug automatically holds angle adjustments—simply tilt and let go
Rocker-Lug tilts the whole shaft up to 40° for precise mic placement—no need for a boom
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Our DS8200 Adjustable Desktop Mic Stand with Rocker-Lug allows the upper mic shaft to tilt up to 40° off of vertical, eliminating the need for a separate boom arm in most situations. There are no knobs to loosen or tighten when making adjustments; simply tilt the shaft and it stays in place. The shaft accepts mic clips and adjusts in height from 9" to 14.25", making it great for desktop workstation, tabletop, and podium miking applications as well as miking kick drums and amps. Its solid, heavy base with nonslip rubber feet provides exceptional stability.

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