Amp Glider

Model: AG5000
UPC: 659814149650
Adjusts in length and width to fit and grip your amp
Delivers strength and stability to reliably support your gear
Enables you to roll and firmly park a wide range of amps and speaker cabinets
Padded contact points protect your amp's finish
Puts your amp on casters with no drilling or modification of the amp
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The AG5000 Amp Glider adds casters to your amp without the need for drilling holes or making modifications to the amp cabinet, giving your amp all the benefits of a rolling amp while maintaining the amp's collectibility and value. And whenever you want to return your amp to its original stationary state, it's as easy as loosening a few knobs. To enable a secure fit for a wide range of vintage and modern amps and speakers, the frame adjusts in length and width, securely clamping the corner brackets to the base of the cabinet. Four tightening knobs (two each for the length and width) lock in your size settings. Padding on the corner brackets provides traction that grips the amp, keeping the Amp Glider attached even when the amp is lifted-a major upgrade over an old-fashioned dolly or rolling cart. Additionally, the padding protects your amp's finish from dents and scratches. Swiveling casters roll smoothly and enable agile, unrestricted steering, making it easy to maneuver through streets, venues, and studios during load in, load out, and setup. Solid wheels that never go flat and steel caster rigs deliver dependable mobility. When the amp is parked for storage, practice, performance, or recording, locks on the casters keep it firmly and safely in place. The heavy-duty frame and cross braces are constructed of steel for strength and stability to ensure reliable support for your equipment. Yet the frame is also light in weight, maintaining the amp's ability to be lifted in situations where rolling is not possible, such as on stairs. Durably finished in classic black, the Amp Glider looks great, resists chips and scratches, and blends into your livestream, stage, or studio setup to add to a professional presentation. When not in use, the frame folds down for compact storage and efficient transportation.
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