Deluxe Bass Guitar Gig Bag

Model: GBB4990CG
UPC: 659814145782
Products Variants:
20mm thick foam padding
Backpack-style straps and padded handle makes transportation easy
Extra thick rubber padding at bottom of bag
Upper and lower pockets allow for plenty of storage
Velvet interior protects your instrument's finish
Weather-resistant, rugged exterior protects your guitar from moisture and scratches
Specification Sheet

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Product Properties

  • Lower Bout Width (internal)
  • Number of pockets
  • Upper Bout Width (internal)


Our 4990 Series Guitar Bag delivers exceptional guitar protection for safe storage and transportation. Along with a weather-resistant exterior that defends against the elements, the case features thick padding that prevents impact damage and a soft velvet lining that safeguards the finish. Two accessories compartments provide convenient access to supplies and tools. Backpack-style straps enable hands-free transportation and a cushioned top handle makes for balanced, comfortable carrying. A two-pull zipper fully opens and closes at either end or any point between for ease of loading and unloading.

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