Drum Gels

Model: DG600
UPC: 659814148288
Dampen resonance, ringing, and sustain to achieve desired drum tones
Easy to apply, remove, and reposition
Includes a convenient storage canister
Non-toxic formula for safe handling
Reusable pads retain their self-adhering ability for many uses
Washable with soap and water for long-lasting service
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Get just the right drum sound with the DG600 Drum Gels. By placing a gel or multiple gels in various locations on a drum head, different resonances can be controlled to refine and alter a drum's tone and dampen excessive ringing. Made using a nontoxic formula for safe handling, these self-adhering gels are easy to apply, reposition, and remove without leaving residue. Reusable many times, their stickiness can be maintained simply by washing them with soap and water when necessary. This pack includes six gels and a canister that keeps them clean and protected during transportation.

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