Gig Rider

Model: GR9000
UPC: 659814149636
Bottom front compartment provides space for additional equipment, such as DI boxes and small mixers.
Easy for you to lift and carry.
Enables hand truck-style rolling for ease of load in and load out.
Main bag stores, protects, and transports six of your mic stands.
Middle front compartment keeps your cables separated and organized.
Side pouches hold two of your speaker stands.
Top front compartment secures six of your dynamic microphones.
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Make it easy on yourself to pack up, load in, and load out with the GR9000 Gig Rider. Great for do-it-yourself bands and musicians, mobile sound engineers, DJs, and even trivia-night hosts, this rolling gig bag provides plenty of space for live-sound equipment and adds numerous convenient features. Starting with the main bag, you have room for six tripod mic stands. Rigid reinforcement and foam padding safeguard your equipment against external bumps while internal dividers keep the stands from bumping into each other to prevent scratches and other damage. Two outer pouches on the sides of the main bag each hold a speaker stand or additional mic stands. Drawstring closures on the pouches secure the stands while maintaining the flexibility to fit a wide range of stand sizes. On the front of the bag, there are three more compartments. In the top pocket, you'll find elastic straps that keep six dynamic mics firmly in place, safe, organized, and easy to access. The middle compartment is intended for cables and contains two pouches with hook-and-loop closures that help keep them sorted and organized. It's up to you to decide how you'd like to use the bottom compartment, as there's room for wireless transmitters, tablets, a small mixer, or other devices. The main-bag lid and all compartments feature zipper closures to ensure their contents are protected. For ease of lifting and carrying, there are two handles, one at the top and one at the bottom. You can also grab the one at the top and roll the Gig Rider like a hand truck. Guard rails above the wheels protect the bag from curbs and other edges while fixed feet act as brakes that prevent rolling during loading and unloading. Heavy-duty nylon construction shields your gear from the elements and delivers strength for long-lasting performance and safe equipment transportation.

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