LED Wash Light

Model: RGBLED100
UPC: 659814140275
Adjustable U-Bracket allows for mounting on standard lighting clamps, lighting stands, or to be placed on the ground for back wall/up lighting
Combination of red, green, and blue LEDs provide a variety of colors to fit any lighting application
DMX inputs and outputs provide ability to link fixtures together for standard DMX control
Multiple modes including static colors, chase sequences, fade sequences, and sound activated lighting

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Product Properties

  • DMX Channels


This LED wash light is the perfect piece to add some flare to your performance, house of worship or rehearsal space. With modes including static colors, chase sequences, fade sequences and sound active mode, even the most novice lighting users can plug the unit in and achieve a professional looking lighting experience. For more elaborate set-ups, the light has DMX in and DMX out to be used with standard 3 channel DMX (RGB) controllers. The light features a combination of Red, Green and Blue (RGB) LED's that can be combined to make a variety of colors to fit your application.

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