Locking Guitar Hanger

Model: GS8130
UPC: 659814140268
Hangs guitars and basses by the headstock to work with any body style
Includes mounting hardware for ease of installation
Padding on the yoke protects the guitar from scratches
Yoke automatically closes around the neck to prevent the guitar from being bumped off the wall
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Safely store a guitar while keeping it conveniently available with our GS8130 Locking Guitar Hanger. This hanger mounts to a wall and securely holds a guitar by the headstock, conserving space by eliminating the need for a floor stand. As a guitar is lowered into the yoke, two swiveling arms automatically enclose the neck to prevent falls. The arms automatically release when the guitar is lifted. Heavy-duty construction ensures reliable instrument support. Padding on the yoke protects the guitar's finish and increases grip to keep the instrument safely in place. Hardware is included for ease of proper installation.

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