Metal Pop Blocker

Model: ASVSM5-B
UPC: 659814145720
Diffuses vocal air pressure to prevent pops and hisses
Durable metal screen for consistent, long lasting performance
Flexible gooseneck enables stable, precise positioning of the screen
Protects mic from moisture produced by vocals
Quickly and securely clamps to any mic stand shaft up to 1" in diameter
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Prevent undesirable vocal plosives for improved recording quality with our ASVSM5-B Pop Blocker. The all metal screen filter inhibits pops and hisses without disrupting vocal tone. A c-clamp style clip quickly and easily attaches the pop blocker to mic stands and shafts up to 1" in diameter, and a 13" flexible gooseneck enables precise positioning of the screen between the mic and the vocalist.

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