Microphone Cleanser (8oz)

Model: DSA8000
UPC: 659814144167
Leaves no residue or fragrance to preserve the original character and finish of equipment
Reduces the spread of germs and bacteria
Safe to use on mics, headphones, mixers, stands, cables, and other gear to help maintain the hygiene of studios, practice spaces, and venues

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Our DSA8000 Microphone Cleanser efficiently freshens and cleans mics and other equipment used by DJs, karaoke hosts, venues, and studios. Effective in reducing the spread of germs and bacteria, the cleanser leaves behind no smell or residue to preserve the original character and finish of gear. The compact fine-mist spray bottle enables easy application and can be stored in accessory pockets for convenient access. For use with delicate electronic devices, the cleaner can be safely and effectively applied with a cloth.

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