Mini Pedal Tuner

Model: GTP7000
UPC: 659814133154
Compact footprint saves valuable space on your pedalboard
High-contrast color display provides a clear view from a distance and in low light
Powered by a 9 V dc adapter or power bank for ease of integration into a pedalboard
True bypass circuitry removes the pedal from the signal path when the pedal is turned off

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Our discreet GTP7000 Mini Pedal Tuner makes it easy to integrate a tuner into your pedalboard. Compact, and compatible with standard 9-volt power supplies, this pedal takes up little space yet provides all the features needed to tune an electric guitar or bass. The large-print high-contrast backlit screen provides excellent visibility from several feet away in any type of lighting. To preserve the purity of your guitar tone, it also features true-bypass circuitry which completely removes the pedal from the signal path when it's not in use.

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