Isolation Shield

Model: TMP-ASMS3000
UPC: 801128006017
  • Improves your mic’s recording environment by blocking background noise and reflections
  • Mounts securely to your mic stand to save space—no need for an additional stand
  • Adjusts for effective placement compatible with your mics
  • Folds down to make it easy for you to transport and store
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The ASMS3000 Isolation Shield mounts to a standard mic stand, surrounding a microphone’s back and sides with absorbent foam and diffusive screening to reduce background noise and reflections, improving the mic's immediate recording environment. The mounting bracket enables adjustment of the shield’s horizontal distance relative to the microphone, enabling effective placement compatible with a wide range of microphones. Adjustment is quick and simple and settings are locked in with a tightening knob. The shield’s lightweight construction makes it easy for mic stands to support and balance it. For space-saving storage and ease of transportation, the shield folds down to a compact configuration. With its black finish, this versatile accessory adds to the professional presentation of any recording studio or mic setup.

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