Wireless Mic Clip

Model: TMP-MY230
UPC: 801128006048
  • Accommodates a wide range of your dynamic microphones 
  • Fits your mic stand with either 5/8″-27 or 3/8″-16 threading 
  • Holds your mics securely yet enables quick removal 
  • Delivers a protective, scratch-free, nonslip grip for dependable mic support
  • Enables you to adjust the mic angle for precise placement
Specification Sheet

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Product Properties

  • Expanded Maximum Diameter


The MY230 Mic Clip securely holds a microphone on a mic stand while enabling quick removal. Thanks to its clothespin-style squeeze-to-release mechanism, removing a mic for handheld use or switching to a different mic is simple, quick, and easy. The opening of the clip ranges from 30 to 60 mm to accommodate a wide range of mics. Nonslip padding inside the rigid plastic clip protects mics from scratches while also increasing traction to keep mics safely in place, ensuring stable, secure mic support. For precise mic placement, the tilt angle is adjustable and the tilt settings are locked in with a tightening knob. The clip mounts to mic stands with 5/8″-27 threading while the included stand-mounting adapter also provides compatibility with mic stands that have 3/8″-16 threading. With its black finish, this versatile accessory adds to a professional presentation in any venue, recording studio, or streaming setup.

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