Wood Studio Monitor Stands (White, Pair)

Model: TMP-SMS7500W
UPC: 801128007045
  •  White Finish
  •  Height adjusts for precise speaker placement
  •  Padding on the platform provides traction to keep speakers safely in place
  •  Sleek wood finish adds to the professional appearance of your studio
  •  Wide, flat bases deliver balanced, stable speaker support
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This pair of SMS7500 Wood Studio Monitor Stands reliably supports heavy monitor speakers weighing up to 90 pounds each, holding them at the desired level and angle for mixing, mastering, and playback. Made of wood and available in black, rosewood, and white finishes, these sturdy stands deliver a refined, furniture-like visual presentation that enhances the professional appearance of any recording studio, home theater, or listening space. The height of each stand adjusts from 35.5 to 56.5 inches, enabling balanced, precise speaker placement that optimizes sound in a variety of spaces and accommodates listening while seated or standing. Nonslip padding on the platforms protects the speaker cabinets from dents and scratches, dampens vibrations to maintain the natural sound of the speakers, and prevents skidding or sliding to keep the speakers safely in place. The wide 16 inch bases sit flat and maximize contact with the floor for a solid foundation that provides outstanding stability on hard floors or carpets. Enjoy all the practical features you need along with the classic looks your space deserves.

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