Smartphone Holder for Mic Stands

Model: TMP-TCM500
UPC: 801128005959
  • Enables you to dial in a precise, comfortable viewing angle
  • Holds your phone while you create audio/visual content
  • Mounts your phone in portrait and landscape orientations
  • Delivers a protective, scratch-free, and dent-free grip for your phone
  • Adjusts to fit a wide range of smartphones
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The TCM500 Smartphone Holder for Mic Stands securely attaches to a mic stand and holds a smartphone for ease of reading music or lyrics, live streaming, or creating audio/visual content. This space-saving holder makes it possible to mount a phone in a convenient location for practice, performance, streaming, or recording without setting up an extra stand. The ball joint on the phone clamp provides the option to mount the phone for use in portrait or landscape modes. It also enables rotation and tilting of the phone to further dial in just the right angle for comfortable viewing or for streaming or recording video. The phone clamp adjusts in size to ensure a snug fit for a wide range of phones up to 4 inches in width. Padding on the clamp protects phones from scratches and dents while providing traction for a secure, stable grip to keep phones safely in place. With its black finish, this versatile accessory adds to a professional presentation in any venue, recording studio, or streaming setup.

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