Passive DI Box

Model: DB500
UPC: 659814883837
Converts a high-impedance (1/4") input to a balanced, low-impedance (XLR) output
High-quality transformer for low distortion and an isolated signal path
Output signal can be sent via a long cable to a mixer or PA system without frequency loss
Passive circuit does not require a power supply or batteries

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Our DB500 Passive DI Box converts any high-impedance 1/4" source to a low-impedance XLR signal ready to send via a long cable run to a mixer or PA system. Features include low-distortion passive circuitry that doesn't require power, a -20 dB or -40 dB pad switch to prevent clipping, a ground-lift switch to defeat ground-loop hum, and a throughput connector to pass unaltered signal to a stage amp. Its heavy-duty metal enclosure protects the internal components and ensures reliable performance.

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