Passive USB DI Box

Model: DB2150
UPC: 659814133116
Automatically configured by Windows and macOS for easy, plug-and-play use
Connects via USB for compatibility with a wide range of computers
Transformer isolation eliminates noise caused by ground loops

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Our DB2150 Stereo USB DI Box converts digital audio to discrete stereo analog XLR signals ready to send via long cable runs to a mixer or PA system. For convenient plug-and-play use with laptops, when connected via USB, Windows and Mac computer operating systems automatically recognize this box as an available soundcard. Features include low-distortion passive circuitry, monitoring via a 3.5 mm headphone output, a ground-lift switch to eliminate ground-loop hum, transformer isolation switches for defeating channel-specific ground-loop hum, and a mono-sum switch to convert a stereo source to a mono output. Its heavy-duty metal enclosure protects the internal components and ensures reliable performance.

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