Pro Tilt-Back Amp Stand

Model: RS7705
UPC: 659814129546
Clutch with interlocking teeth delivers precise, stable tilt-angle adjustments
Holds an amp at the proper angle to direct sound toward the listener
Large tightening knobs for comfortable adjustments of the base spread and tilt angle
Tilts an amp away from the floor to reduce reflections and vibrations for improved sound

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Our RS7705 Pro Tilt-Back Amp Stand features robust support arms that securely support an amp while angling the speaker upward to direct sound toward the listener while reducing floor reflections. Padding on the arms increases grip and protects the amp from blemishes. Positioning options include adjustable tilt angle to enable precise sound direction, and variable base spread to optimize load balance. The heavy-duty frame keeps gear firmly in place off the floor and out of harm's way. Ridged nonslip feet increase stability and reduce vibrations. The stand folds down for convenient, compact storage and travel.

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