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TCM1900 - u-mount® Universal Grip-On System with Mounting Bar
  • Simple set up for quick hands-free access to tablets and phones
  • Clamps to mic stands, music stands, and furniture for use in a wide range of settings
  • Holds a device in position for typing, reading, video viewing, or web conferencing
  • Mounting post can be used as a handle that provides comfort and helps prevent drops


MSA9030-19C - 19" Gooseneck
  • Flexible 19" shaft bends into position and stays put for efficient mic placement
  • Pinch-point-free construction protects hands and cables for ease of adjustment
  • 5/8"-27 threading on both ends mounts to standard mic stands and mic clips
  • Holds up to 2.5 lb to deliver stable support for a wide range of mics


SMSB-6500 - Sheet Music Stand Bag
  • Secure closure and carry handle for ease of transportation
  • Heavy-duty canvas construction and piped edges protect the stand from damage
  • Fits a wide range of folding music stands including our SM7022, SM7122, and SM7222 models


MSA9800 - Telescoping Mic Boom with Dual Mic Capability
  • Heavy-duty construction provides extra stability for reliable mic support
  • 21.5"–36" telescoping boom rotates, swivels, and slides lengthwise for precise mic placement
  • Solid metal tightening knob ensures secure angle adjustments
  • Removable counterweight reveals a 5/8"-27 threaded end for mounting a second mic


MS7201QTRW - Quarter-Turn Round-Base Mic Stand
  • 6.4 lb 10" steel base with rubber feet delivers exceptional stability
  • Threadless base for efficient connection to the mic stand shaft
  • Heavy-duty clutch reliably adjusts height 34"–60" for use in a wide range of applications
  • Includes a protective bag to facilitate storage and transportation


VSR1814 - Foam Shoulder Pad for Violin/Viola (Small)
  • Improves holding comfort and playing position for a violin or viola
  • Foam construction provides a firm cushion that reduces hand and shoulder fatigue


SS7747V2 - Crank-Up Subwoofer Pole
  • Height adjustability from 40" to 63" off the subwoofer
  • Improved crank mechanism allows for quick and precise speaker mounting at various heights
  • Locking pin & automatic crank stopper ensures your speaker is safe and protected at any height
  • Removable M20 lug allows for fit with traditional pole cups or M20 threaded sockets


GS7800 - u-mount® Mic Stand Guitar Hanger
  • Turns a mic stand into a mic-and-guitar stand to conserve floor space
  • Clamps to shafts up to 0.75" in diameter for compatibility with a wide range of stands
  • Yoke rotates so instruments with symmetric or offset headstocks hang straight down
  • Padding on the contact points protects the guitar from scratches


VS7200 - Violin Hanger for Music Stands
  • Enables a music stand to double as a violin hanger—no need for an additional stand
  • u-mount clamp adjusts to fit a wide range of mic stands and music stands
  • Yoke securely supports a violin and features a hanger for a bow
  • Yoke rotates to compensate for offset tuning pegs so the violin hangs straight down


SB1200 - 12" Speaker Bag
  • Protective storage and transportation for most 12" speakers
  • Two straps with a padded handle for comfortable lifting and carrying
  • Heavy-duty, weather-resistant exterior, piped edges, and padded interior protect gear from damage
  • Exterior pocket keeps cables, connectors, and other accessories with the speakers


ASVSM5-B - Metal Pop Blocker
  • Diffuses vocal air pressure to prevent pops and hisses
  • Protects mic from moisture produced by vocals
  • Quickly and securely clamps to any mic stand shaft up to 1" in diameter
  • Durable metal screen for consistent, long lasting performance
  • Flexible gooseneck enables stable, precise positioning of the screen


DS7100C - Desktop Mic Stand
  • Compact stand for short-height miking and unobtrusive use on a desktop or podium
  • 2 lb 6" base and straight 4" shaft deliver ease of assembly and straightforward operation
  • Weighted base and nonslip rubber feet provide stability and vibration dampening


RPB3000 - 3U Blank Rack Panel
  • Covers empty rack slots to protect equipment from debris and tampering
  • Standard 3U size fits perfectly between components
  • Solid-steel construction delivers strength and stability to safeguard rack-mount gear
  • Durable powder-coat finish resists wear to maintain a professional appearance


LED8800 - LED Piano Lamp
  • Lamp head with 18 LEDs evenly illuminates sheet music or keyboards
  • Toggles between bright light, low light, and off modes for use in a variety of applications
  • Adjustable gooseneck for ease of precise light positioning
  • Sleek, low-profile base and head for unobtrusive use during performance
  • Rubber feet prevent scratching on piano surface


MA1435 - Wireless Transmitter Body Pack
  • Securely holds a wide range of transmitters
  • Adjustable, stretchy belt provides a proper fit and long-lasting comfort
  • Hook-and-loop belt fastener delivers stable, reliable placement
  • Compact pouch can be worn under or over costumes or clothing
  • Water-resistant pouch protects the transmitter from moisture


MSA9720TB - Telescoping Mic Boom
  • 19"–30" telescoping boom rotates, swivels, and slides lengthwise for precise mic placement
  • Heavy-duty washer, nonslip pads, and a tightening knob ensure secure angle adjustments
  • Included cable clip prevents drooping wires for an organized presentation
  • Tightening washer secures mic clips from the bottom for a safe, dependable hold


WSR7500RB - Rack Cabinet
  • 12-space rack organizes and protects rack-mount components
  • Serves as a standalone rack or an extension of our WS7500 Workstation or WSC7500 Corner Accessory
  • Rolls on removeable casters for ease of positioning and two casters lock to hold it safely in place


SSP7000 - Mini Speaker Stand Pack
  • Includes two mini speaker stands with a convenient carry bag to hold both stands
  • Extremely compact and lightweight stands; perfect for tight spaces and smaller PA's
  • Adjustable from 27" to 48" with a steel locking pin for added security and stability
  • Bag features both carry handles and padded backpack-style straps for comfortable and easy transport


PS901 - Pedal Power Bank
  • Powers up to 13 pedals-no need for multiple power supplies
  • Nine outputs power multiple pedals requiring a variety voltages at the same time
  • Various voltage outputs enable powering a wide range of pedals
  • LED indicator on each output helps identify which outputs are in use or available


RS7705 - Pro Tilt-Back Amp Stand
  • Holds an amp at the proper angle to direct sound toward the listener
  • Tilts an amp away from the floor to reduce reflections and vibrations for improved sound
  • Clutch with interlocking teeth delivers precise, stable tilt-angle adjustments
  • Large tightening knobs for comfortable adjustments of the base spread and tilt angle


PSA800 - Eight-Plug Daisy Chain
  • Daisy chain delivers power to eight pedals from one source—no need for multiple power supplies
  • All connectors have the same polarity for use with standard center-negative power jacks
  • 3.5" of wire between plugs provides enough length to reach between pedals


IHH1020 - Harmonica Holder
  • Enables hands-free harmonica playing for simultaneously playing another instrument
  • Holds harmonicas up to 6.5" for compatibility with smaller and larger instruments
  • Easily adjusts position for optimal playing comfort
  • Springs clamp the harmonica in place to prevent unwanted movement while playing


RS7501 - Tilt-Back Tripod Amp Stand
  • Holds an amp at the proper angle to direct sound toward the listener
  • Five tilt positions enable proper sound direction with reduced floor reflections
  • Base folds down and the main shaft contracts for ease of storage and transportation
  • Wide leg spread provides a stable foundation to ensure reliable amp support


SS7762B - Speaker Stand with Adjustable Leg
  • Reversible upper shaft fits speakers with either 1 3/8" or 1 1/2" mounting sockets
  • Height adjusts 45"–72" to adapt to a wide range of venues and applications
  • Height settings are reinforced with a locking pin to ensure reliable speaker support
  • Wide base with nonslip rubber feet provides stability for balanced speaker mounting


MY410CG - Shock Mount for Studio Mics (42 mm–48 mm)
  • Clamp fits large-diaphragm condenser mics 42–48 mm in diameter
  • Cloth-lined clamp interior protects mic from scratches
  • Heavy-duty steel mount for stable, dependable mic support
  • 5/8"-27 threading mounts to a wide range of mic stands and booms


GS8200 - Hang-It ProGrip II Guitar Stand
  • ProGrip yoke automatically closes around the neck to prevent the guitar from being bumped off the stand
  • Inert padding on the yoke and bumpers won't react with most finishes and protects the guitar from scratches
  • Locking clutch securely supports heavy instruments
  • Height adjusts 30"–43" to fit a wide range of guitar styles and sizes


RDL3000 - 3U Locking Rack Drawer
  • Provides a rack with storage for accessories such as cables, connectors, and tools
  • Smooth, sturdy drawer slides ensure reliable operation
  • Solid-steel construction delivers strength and stability to safeguard contents
  • Locks protect contents from theft and tampering and prevent opening during transportation


SB9600 - Tripod Studio Mic Boom with 7" Mini Boom Extension
  • Telescoping 43"–79" boom features a counterweight to balance mics and prevent tipping
  • Boom separates into two sections that each enable attachment of the 7" mini boom
  • Mini boom provides additional locking angle adjustment for precise, secure mic placement
  • Friction knob reliably adjusts height 46.5"–79" for use in a wide range of applications


GS8100 - Hang-It ProGrip Guitar Stand
  • Yoke folds down for ease of storage and transportation
  • ProGrip yoke automatically closes around the neck to prevent the guitar from being bumped off the stand
  • Heavy-duty tripod base provides a stable foundation and prevents tipping for safe guitar support
  • Reinforced leg housing boosts durability for reliable performance


GS7650AB - Adjustable Slatwall Guitar Hanger
  • Swiveling yoke enables optimal guitar display and accessibility
  • Baseplate mounts directly to slatwall, eliminating the need for additional hardware
  • Heavy-duty construction reliably holds a guitar weighing up to 11 lb
  • Padding on the contact points protects the guitar from scratches


SM7222DBB - Tripod-Base Sheet Music Stand with Bag
  • Heavy-duty tubular-steel legs for exceptional balance and stability
  • Displays three sheets side by side to reduce page turns
  • Bookplate angle adjusts for clear, easy viewing
  • Fold-out retainers hold sheet music in place and prevent it from falling or blowing away


MSB-6500 - Mic Stand Bag
  • Keeps three round or hexagonal mic stand bases, shafts, and booms isolated for safe transportation
  • Rugged nylon exterior, padded interior, and piped edges protect stands from damage
  • Two top handles enable balanced, comfortable carrying


DM01 - Drum Rim Mic Clip
  • Securely clamps to a drum rim to support a mic—no need for a mic stand
  • 5/8"-27 threaded stem mounts a wide range of mic clips


CB4000 - Deluxe Cymbal Bag
  • Holds, protects, and transports four 22" cymbals plus two 15" cymbals or hi-hats
  • Weather-resistant exterior and padding protect gear from moisture and damage
  • Handle and backpack-style straps for comfortable lifting and carrying
  • Inlcudes felt spacers to isolate cymbals and prevent them from damaging each other


SMS7650 - Hex-Base Studio Boom Mic Stand
  • Durable construction ensures dependable performance
  • Telescoping 43"–79" boom features a counterweight to balance mics and prevent tipping
  • Boom separates into two sections that each enable attachment of the 7" mini boom
  • 17 lb hexagonal base with removable casters rolls for ease of positioning


GS8730NA - Wood Locking Guitar Hanger
  • Hangs guitars and basses by the headstock to work with any body style
  • Yoke automatically closes around the neck to prevent the guitar from being bumped off the wall
  • Padding on the yoke protects the guitar's finish from scratches
  • Wood-grain finish complements the appearance of homes or performance spaces


DS7200C - Adjustable Desktop Mic Stand
  • Compact stand is just the right size for short-height miking
  • Low profile for unobtrusive use on a desktop or podium
  • Removable shaft mounts standard mic clips and accessories
  • Height adjusts 9"–13" for precise mic positioning


KS7292 - Double-X ERGO-LOK Keyboard Stand with Second Tier
  • Holds two keyboards in a compact footprint and adapts to a wide range of keyboard sizes
  • Clutch release is positioned high on the stand for efficient height and length adjustments
  • Second tier's Posi-Lok adjustment clutches feature interlocking teeth for exceptional stability
  • Second tier adjusts in height, length, width, and tilt to hold a keyboard in a comfortable position


SS7764B - Air-Lift Speaker Stand
  • Pneumatic piston supplies leverage for safely raising and lowering a mounted speaker
  • Height adjusts 47"–74" to adapt to a wide range of venues and applications
  • Wide base with nonslip rubber feet provides stability for balanced speaker mounting
  • Tripod base folds down for ease of storage and transportation


RS6000 - Foldable Tilt-Back Amp Stand
  • Holds an amp at the proper angle to direct sound toward the listener
  • Tilts an amp away from the floor to reduce reflections and vibrations for improved sound
  • Heavy-duty frame provides strength for dependable amp support
  • Steel support arms deliver stability to hold a midsize or large amp safely in place


LSA7700P - u-mount® Lighting Arms
  • Can mount at any height and rotate around a shaft for creative lighting configurations
  • Braceless arms leave unobstructed space for mounting more light fixtures
  • Simple clamp-on attachment reduces set up and teardown time
  • Can mount to a speaker stand—no need for a separate lighting stand


RSU1000 - Adjustable Top-Mount Rack Shelf
  • Top mount rack shelf fits standard 19" racks
  • Unique sliding locking brackets allow for a custom, secure fit for various sized gear from 10" to 19"
  • Great for use with mixers, laptops, DJ gear, projectors
  • Overall tray dimensions (not including ears): 17.2" (W) x 17.5" (D) x 3.5" (H)


RDF2000 - 2U Adaptable Rack Drawer Foam
  • 3/4" Perforated open-cell foam cubes are easily removed to create a tight, custom fit to hold, and protect your gear (no cutting required)
  • Great for protecting microphones, pedals, interfaces, small mixers, cables, headphones, and other accessories
  • Fits standard size 2U rack drawer


GBA4990CG - Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag
  • Weather-resistant, rugged exterior protects your guitar from moisture and scratches
  • 20mm thick foam padding
  • Velvet interior protects your instrument's finish
  • Backpack-style straps and padded handle makes transportation easy
  • Upper and lower pockets allow for plenty of storage
  • Extra thick rubber padding at bottom of bag


KPK6520 CB - Keyboard Stand and Bench Pack with Keyboard Sustain Pedal
  • A complete setup for comfortably playing a keyboard and controlling sustain while sitting or standing
  • Bolted stand construction provides durability for reliable performance
  • Stand height adjusts to a comfortable level for playing while sitting or standing
  • Stand folds down for efficient storage and transportation


DSA8000 - Microphone Cleanser (8oz)
  • Safe to use on mics, headphones, mixers, stands, cables, and other gear to help maintain the hygiene of studios, practice spaces, and venues
  • Reduces the spread of germs and bacteria
  • Leaves no residue or fragrance to preserve the original character and finish of equipment


GCC5000B - Hardshell Molded Classical Guitar Case
  • Sturdy hardshell case delivers secure, stable protection for a classical guitar
  • Molded interior provides proper support for the body and neck
  • Rigid wood case and weather-resistant vinyl protects a guitar from damage and moisture
  • Plush interior lining provides a soft cushion that safeguards the guitar's finish


WCB100 - Wood Cajon Brushes
  • Great for playing cajons with or without wires
  • Can produce a wide range of timbres from snare-like slap to soft, open brushing
  • Rubber rings adjust bristle spacing for precise variation of dynamics
  • Extended-length wood handles provide comfortable grip and balance


ASWS58-P - Foam Windscreen
  • Reduces vocal pops and hisses
  • Shields the mic from wind and breath
  • Acoustically transparent foam preserves vocal tone
  • Stretches to provide a snug, reliable fit for most dynamic mics
  • Protects mic from dust, debris, and moisture


LED2214 - USB-Rechargeable Sheet Music Light
  • Flexible gooseneck enables precise light positioning
  • Lamp head contains four high-intensity LEDs to clearly illuminate sheet music
  • Lamp color switches between red and white to adapt to various applications
  • Clip securely grips music stands and other surfaces for convenient, reliable placement


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