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  • Deluxe Bass Guitar Gig Bag | GBB4660

Deluxe Bass Guitar Gig Bag

  • Custom-shaped to provide protection and transporting ease for your guitar

  • Rugged 600-D nylon material repels rain and is easy to clean

  • Carrying handles are accessible from the front or side for convenience purposes

  • Front pocket holds your pics, replacement strings or any other accessories

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This custom-shaped, lightweight soft case is perfect for most standard bass guitars. The soft case design combines the protection of a thick padded interior with the portability of a canvas gig bag. Manufactured from rugged 600-D nylon material, the interior is lined with a ½” compressible foam material to provide more substantial protection for your guitar. Features two exterior accessory pockets; heavy-duty 2-pull zippers, allowing the bag to be unzipped lengthwise; one side carry handle; one top carry handle; adjustable backpack-style straps; an ID tag; and two bag hangers.

Material: Heavy-duty 600-D nylon exterior with
leather accents; 7mm foam lined interior.
Color: Black
Depth: 2.95”
Lower Bout: 14.37”; Upper: 13”
Neck Width: 6.69”
Length: 48.03”
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On-Stage Stands
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Other Plucked Instrument Accessories
Short Description:
Deluxe Bass Guitar Gig Bag
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3.6/5 stars (106 votes)
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