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IPad® Snap-On™ Cover w/ Table Clamp, Gun Metal

  • Quick Disconnect version of the patent-pending u-mount system
  • Pull Back Release Sleeve for instant removal from mounting bar
  • Wider clamp mounts your tablet to table edges, counters, and other flat surfaces
  • u-mount versatility with the ease and convenience of a Snap-On cover
  • Velveteen inner lining provides grip and cushioning
  • Threaded aluminum boss allows for a variety of optional mounting devices
  • Cutouts for all of the tablet’s controls, cameras, and ports
  • Steel ball joint provides 360° rotation, allowing 30° of tilt at any angle, plus three 90° slots for precise slip-free positioning
  • Mounting Clamp handles surfaces 12mm (1/2”) to 52mm (2”) thick
  • Fits iPad® 2, 3 & 4 (Models A1395, A1396, A1397, A1403, A1416, A1430, A1458, A1459, A1460)
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This variation of the Snap-On™ Tablet mounting system features a clamp specifically designed for table edges. It handles surfaces from 12mm (1/2”) to 52mm (2”) thick. The TCM9163 is constructed from a combination of aluminum and soft velveteen plastic. There are precise cutouts for all of the tablet’s controls, cameras, and ports. A 360° Ball Joint provides rotation and tilt adjustment, while a Pull Back Release sleeve makes removing the cover from the mounting bar a breeze. We’ve even included a Prop-Up insert that converts the quick release into a slip-free tabletop monopod.

Hands-Free or Hands-On
The quick release design means versatility. Need to walk the room to hear what the mix sounds like off stage, or you want to capture some action on video Simply release the cover from the clamp post and be on your way. When you’re done walking around, simply click the cover back into the clamp post and you’re hands-free again. It’s perfect for audio engineers, grade school teachers, AV presenters, and everyone in between.

The u-mount adds a degree of protection and enhanced grip to your iPad®. The Snap-On™ back cover is a tough combination of aluminum and high-strength velvet-textured plastic. Precision cut-outs provide access to all the tablet’s buttons and keep the microphone, cameras, speaker, headphone jack, and data/charging port 100% functional.
System Includes:
(1) Snap-On™ Cover
(1) Table Mounting Clamp
(1) 360° Ball Joint with Pull Back Release Sleeve
(1) Mounting Post
(1) Prop-Up
Brand Name
On-Stage uMount
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Tablet case
Short Description:
iPad® Snap-On™ Cover w/ Table Clamp, Gun Metal
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