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  • Product Image: 10575_TCM9361_OSSuMount_main.jpg
  • Product Image: 10575_TCM9361_OSSuMount_rear.jpg
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IPad® Air Snap-On™ Cover w/ Round Clamp

  • Quick Disconnect version of the patent-pending u-mount system
  • u-mount versatility with the ease and convenience of a Snap-On cover
  • Cutouts for all of the tablet’s controls, cameras, and ports
  • Steel ball joint provides 360° rotation, allowing 30° of tilt at any angle, plus three 90° slots for precise slip-free positioning
  • Mounting Clamp handles tubing up to 29mm (1.14”) in diameter
  • Fits iPad® Air (Models A1474, A1475)
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Experience the functionality and protection of u-mount ® for the iPad ® Air. The TCM9361 is custom-sized for Apple’s ultra-slim tablet, with precise cutouts for all of its controls, cameras, and ports. A 360° Ball Joint provides rotation and tilt adjustment, while a Pull Back Release Sleeve makes removing the cover from the Mounting Bar a breeze. We’ve even included a Prop-Up insert that converts the quick release into a slip-free tabletop monopod. Mounting bar handles round tubing 21-30mm in diameter.
System Includes:
(1) Snap-On™ Cover for iPad® Air
(1) Round Mounting Clamp
(1) 360° Ball Joint with Pull Back Release Sleeve
(1) Mounting Post
(1) Prop-Up
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On-Stage uMount
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Other Accessories
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iPad® Air Snap-On™ Cover w/ Round Clamp
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