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New TBM7000 Straight Trombone Mute Added to On-Stage Accessories
New TBM7000 Straight Trombone Mute Added to On-Stage Accessories
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TC Electronic Introduces Polytune 2
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TMP West Warehouse Move
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Euro Boom Microphone Stand (Black)

  • Product Image: 10700_MS7701B_OSS_main.jpgClick for Larger Image
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  • Product Image: 10700_MS7701B_OSS_main.jpg
  • Product Image: 10700_MS7701B_OSS_zoom.jpg
  • Product Image: 10700_MS7701B_OSS_zoom1.jpg
  • Product Image: 10700_MS7701B_OSS_zoom2.jpg
  • Product Image: 10700_MS7701B_OSS_zoom3.jpg
  • Product Image: 10700_MS7701B_OSS_zoom4.jpg
On-Stage Stands have become the industry standard around the world. Innovative features and unsurpassed quality make these floor stands a staple on stages everywhere. They are available with tripod, weighted round, and hexagonal bases.
  • Steel midpoint locking clutch
  • Boom Length: 30"
  • Height Adjustment: 32"-61.5"
  • Base Spread: 23"

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Model Variations

Telescoping Euro Boom Mic StandEuro Boom Microphone Stand (Chrome)
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Our best selling stand! This Euro Boom boasts a hybrid sheet metal and composite leg housing, making it virtually unbreakable. With a removable boom arm and its ability to fold flat, this stand is a must for every member of the band. Features a zinc mid-point clutch and black finish.
For more information about this product contact an On-Stage Rep today @ 800.289.8889
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On-Stage Stands
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Microphone Accessories
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Euro Boom Microphone Stand (Black)
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