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Music Stand with Tripod Base

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  • Product Image: 11192_SM7211B_OSS_main.jpg
  • Product Image: 11192_SM7211B_OSS_zoom.jpg
  • Product Image: 11192_SM7211B_OSS_zoom1.jpg
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  • Product Image: 11192_SM7211B_OSS_zoom4.jpg
  • Product Image: 11192_SM7211B_OSS_angle.jpg
  • Product Image: 11192_SM7211B_OSS_angle1.jpg
  • Folding tripod base for convenient storage and travel
  • 13Ã ½" x 19" bookplate with 2" return lip
  • Tension locking knob adjusts the angle of the bookplate
  • Mid-point clutch adjusts height from 24"-45"
  • High impact plastic leg housing
  • Tripod folding base for convenient storage and travel
  • Non-slip rubber feet

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This revolutionary stand incorporates all of the features demanded by today's orchestra musician, including a folding tripod base for convenient storage and travel. The angle adjustment tension knob makes for easy removal from the upper shaft. The stand also features high impact plastic leg housing, friction locking knobs, leg support straps and non-slip rubber feet.
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On-Stage Stands
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Other Accessories
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Music Stand with Tripod Base
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