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  • Deluxe X-Style Keyboard Bench | KT7800+

Deluxe X-Style Keyboard Bench

  • Portable, strong, comfortable keyboard seating

  • Folds down for efficient storage and transportation

  • Thick cushion delivers comfort and reduces fatigue during extended use

  • Reinforced locking mechanism for secure height adjustments

Product Attributes
ApplicationKeyboard bench
Height Adj.19.5", 21.5", 23", 24.5"
Bench Seat Size12.5" x 23.5"
Cushion Thickness2.5"
ConstructionWelded metal
Weight Capacity360 lbs.
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Designed for ergonomic playing, our KT7800+ Deluxe X-Style Keyboard Bench features a soft yet firm extra-thick extended seat cushion that delivers outstanding comfort and support. The exceptionally stable base that adjusts in height to accommodate a variety of playing styles. The base also folds flat for convenient storage and transportation.
Brand Name
On-Stage Stands
Model Number:
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Other Keyboard Accessories
Short Description:
Deluxe X-Style Keyboard Bench
Keyboard bench
Height Adj.
19.5", 21.5", 23", 24.5"
Bench Seat Size
12.5" x 23.5"
Cushion Thickness
Welded metal
Weight Capacity
360 lbs.
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TypeQuantityLength (in)Width (in)Height (in)Weight (lb)
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