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  • Professional Studio Boom Arm | MBS7500

Professional Studio Boom Arm

  • Durable articulating boom arm

  • Sleek look with no exposed springs or tension knobs

  • Quiet and flexible three axis positioning

  • Includes flange mount for permanent installations, and a table clamp for portable application

Product Attributes
ApplicationFlexible positioning of mic for broadcast/webcast
Vertical Arm Length19.5"
Horizontal Arm Length19.5"
Total Reach38"
Weight Capacity3.5 lbs.
ClampsC-Clamp and Flange Mount
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The MBS7500 is our best studio boom arm. It has the features you need for professional broadcast, webcast, and studio applications. Unlike other models, all of the MBS7500's mechanical components are internal, leaving a slim and simple look that takes up less space and matches contemporary studio gear.

Steel tension cables work together with springs and large joints to provide 150 degrees of articulation. Positioning is silent and strong, handling microphones, tablets (with u-Mount series device cases, not included), cameras, or other gear up to 3.5lbs. The 20" upper arm is terminated with a swiveling steel stem compatible with all standard 5/8"-27 threaded shock mounts and microphones.

For permanent installations, the MBS7500 comes with a flange mount designed to be screwed directly to the desk or work surface. A table clamp is also included, accommodating tabletops up to 2" thick and allowing the MBS7500 to be removed or repositioned without tools or damage to the work surface.
Brand Name
On-Stage Stands
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Microphone Accessories
Short Description:
Professional Studio Boom Arm
Flexible positioning of mic for broadcast/webcast
3.5 lbs.
C-Clamp and Flange Mount
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