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U-Mount Universal Grip-On System w/ Mounting Bar

  • The ideal balance of ease and versatility
  • Try it anywhere! Mic stands, music stands, rec chairs, car headrests and more
  • Mounting post functions for typing or viewing videos
  • Compatible with standard 11-19mm round mic stand tubing. Perfect for reading sheet music, typing, and other activities.
  • Use the Mounting Post as a comfortable handle
  • Mounting Bar stays put while you're free to roam with your mobile device
  • Mounting Post doubles as a monopod to prop your mobile device upon desktops or other flat surfaces
  • Perfect for audio engineers, grade school teachers, AV presenters, and everyone in between

Product Attributes
ApplicationTablet holder
Holder Dimensions2.5" - 9"
Rotation360 degrees
Clamp0.45" - 0.75"
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There are holders, and then there's the Grip-On Mounting System from On-Stage! It's the fast and easy way to mount your mobile device to everyday objects and surfaces. The u-mount is the ideal balance of ease and hands-free convenience. Once you try the Grip-On u-mount holder, you'll want to use your mobile device everywhere!

Includes 4 Grip-On Holders:

Small holder grips: 2.5" to 3.5"
Medium holder grips: 3.5" to 5.75"
Large holder grips: 5.75" to 7.75"
Largest Grip-On holder for devices 7"-9" wide

Includes 360-degree ball joint with pull back release:

360 degree rotation, 30 degree tilt
3 drop down slots allow 90 degree tilt for more flexibility
8mm threaded stem and locking washer mate with u-mount boss
Attaches/releases 360 degree Ball Joint assembly from the Mounting Post
Locks in any of three rotational angles at the best starting position for your application

Includes Mounting Post:

Collar engages the quick release Pull Back Release Sleeve
Post slides into hole in the Mounting Bar
5/8"-27 threading compatible with optional accessories

Includes Presentation Grip:

Soft EVA grip slides over mounting post
Comfortable handle for mobile use

Includes Mounting Bar:

Patent-pending u-mount clamp secures to any round surface from 7/16 to 3/4 in diameter
Attaches to mic stands, drum hardware, car headrests, rec chairs and much more
Brand Name
On-Stage Stands
Model Number:
TMP Item #:
Series Name:
Namm Category Name:
Tablet case
Short Description:
U-Mount Universal Grip-On System w/ Mounting Bar
Tablet holder
2.5" - 9"
360 degrees
0.45" - 0.75"
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