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  • Three-Section Microphone Stand | MS9312

Three-Section Microphone Stand

  • These top-of-the-line round base microphones stands are made from heavy-duty materials and are built to last

  • Features a sturdy ten pound sleek embossed base with six rubber pads on the bottom, which absorb vibrations and protect floors. 12" low profile base ensures stability while maintaining a minimal footprint

  • Two oversized zinc die-cast clutches with 3" grips adjust the height from a mere 39" to 97". Up to 8 feet!

  • Solid steel machined lug with M20 threading provides an excellent combination of fast assembly and secure connection, while extending thread wear far beyond fine-thread designs

Product Attributes
Base Diameter12"
Base Weight10 lbs.
Upper Threading5/8"-27"
Base ThreadingM20
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The MS9312 reaches impressive height of 8 feet! This stand offers pro-level features, including a low profile 12" base with a 3 section shaft to provide flexibility for your height setting needs. Each Height adjustment clutch is designed for easy and secure gripping. The shaft is compatible with all standard 5/8"-27 threaded mic accessories. To aid with precise mic positioning, the upper shaft features an oversized knurled locking washer that keeps your mic clip exactly where desired. The shaft fastens to the base via a solid M20 steel lug and locking washer. This coarse threading provides an excellent combination of fast assembly and secure connection, while extending thread wear far beyond fine-thread designs. The shaft is interchangeable with other On-Stage M20 products which allow for use in many different applications.
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On-Stage Stands
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Microphone Accessories
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Three-Section Microphone Stand
10 lbs.
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