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Professional Telescoping Mic Boom

$63.95 INV#13098
  • Black All Metal Exterior
  • 21" - 35" Telescoping Boom
  • Diecast S Style Adjustment Knob
  • 180 degrees smooth tilt adjustment
  • 1/8 Turn to lock or release the angle
  • Clutch threading independent of boom so no more "baton twirl"
  • Diecast Counterweight
  • Product Image: 13098_MSA9900_OSS_main.jpg
  • Product Image: 13098_MSA9900_OSS_zoom.jpg
  • Product Image: 13098_MSA9900_OSS_zoom1.jpg
  • Product Image: 13098_MSA9900_OSS_zoom2.jpg
  • Product Image: 13098_MSA9900_OSS_zoom3.jpg
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A sleek new microphone boom arm with improved, but familiar functions. Any musician will recognize the single S-style adjustment knob. Our S-style adjustment knob is diecast constructed and precision fit to provide 180° of smooth tilt adjustment. It’s a familiar and ergonomic action, but because the clutches are precision machined parts, it only takes 1/8-turn to lock or release the angle. Smooth rotation and a secure hold mean you can focus on the music instead of the stand. Also unique to this boom arm is that the clutch threading is independent of the boom clutch. This means that the boom arm can be added/removed from a stand without doing a “baton twirl”. Not only is this easier and more convenient, it virtually eliminates the common problem of stripped threading.
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On-Stage Stands
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Professional Telescoping Mic Boom
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