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Bluetooth Converter

$49.95 INV#13322
  • Version: Bluetooth V4.0
  • Power: 3.7V lithium battery w/ included USB charging cable
  • Battery Life: 20 hours
  • Standby Current: <0.5mA
  • Wireless Transmission Range: 10m
  • Sensitivity: -80dBm<à ±0.1% BER
  • Signal to Noise: 75dB
  • Distortion: 0.1%
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The On-Stage BC1000 XLR equipped, rechargeable Bluetooth V4.0 receiver delivers ultra-reliable Bluetooth audio directly to your mixer or powered speaker. Driven by a 3.7V lithium battery complete with included USB charging cable, this compact, convenient instant must-have internally sums stereo signals from your mobile devise or computer, eliminating the need for multiple receivers and multiple on-board channels. Super sensitive at -80dbm (<+/-0.1%BER) over a 10M wireless transmission range, this effectively noise and distortion free converter may be the new tool you can't imagine living without.
For more information about this product contact an On-Stage Rep today @ 800.289.8889
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On-Stage Stands
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Bluetooth Converter
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