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  • Microphone Pack for Kids | MS7515

Microphone Pack for Kids

  • Pack Includes: (1) 13' XLR-QTR cable (1) Mic clip (1) Dynamic Handheld Mic (1) Zippered Pouch (1) Tripod Stand with boom

  • Tripod easily adjusts from 26"- 42"

  • 19.5" boom with knob for easy angle positioning

  • Dynamic cardioid handheld microphone, mic clip, and 13' XLR-QTR hi-z mic cable are ready for plugging in and getting your vocals heard

Product Attributes
ApplicationMic stand pack with microphone and cable
Stand Height26" - 42"
Boom Length19.5"
MicrophoneDynamic with Cardoid Pattern
Microphone Frequency Response80Hz-12kHz
Impedence600ohm +/-30% at 1 KHz
Cable13' XLR-QTR Hi-Z
Also IncludedMic Clip and pouch
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Perfect for kids of all ages and sizes, whether they're just testing out their vocals at home or they're going to be an On-Stage professional! The Microphone Pack for Kids includes all the gear they need to get set up right away and get their vocals heard.
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On-Stage Stands
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Microphone Accessories
Short Description:
Microphone Pack for Kids
Mic stand pack with microphone and cable
26" - 42"
Dynamic with Cardoid Pattern
600ohm +/-30% at 1 KHz
13' XLR-QTR Hi-Z
Mic Clip and pouch
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