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  • Airlift Speaker Pole | SS7748

Airlift Speaker Pole

  • Internal shock provides 45 pounds of lift assistance

  • Removable M20 provides universal fit into all subwoofers, 1 3/8" cups as well as threaded M20

  • All steel shafts with secure metal clutch telescope from 36.5" to 60"

Product Attributes
ApplicationSubwoofer Shaft with 1 3/8"/M20
Gas ShockProvides 45 lbs of Lift
Length36 1/2" - 60"
Upper Shaft Diameter1 3/8"
Lower ShaftFits 1 3/8" Subwoofer Cups and also includes a removable M20
Weight Capacity100 lbs
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Designed for easy, efficient one man operation, the On-Stage SS7748 Subwoofer Shaft with Lift Assist delivers universal subwoofer application with a first-to-market removable M20 lug in addition to standard 1" cup fitting. Providing 45 lb. of internal gas cylinder pneumatic lift assist and a 100 lb. weight capacity, the SS7748 features all steel shafts that telescope from 36.5" to 60" while employing a secure knob. The lower shaft has an M20 threaded lug for stability that can be removed to fit all
1 3/8" cups.
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On-Stage Stands
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Airlift Speaker Pole
Subwoofer Shaft with 1 3/8"/M20
Provides 45 lbs of Lift
36 1/2" - 60"
1 3/8"
Fits 1 3/8" Subwoofer Cups and also includes a removable M20
100 lbs
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