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  • Mandolin Bag | GBM4770B

Mandolin Bag

  • Weather-resistant exterior protects the mandolin from moisture

  • Foam padding guards the instrument against dings and dents

  • Smooth interior lining keeps the mandolin finish safe

  • Two accessory compartments keep tools and supplies with the instrument

  • Two-pull zipper opens and closes at either end or any point between for ease of access

  • Adjustable backpack-style straps and a handle for ease of lifting and carrying

  • Two bag-hanger loops at the top enable convenient hanging storage

Product Attributes
ApplicationMandolin protection, storage, and transportation
Exterior Material600D Nylon
Interior Material210D Polyester
Exterior Pockets2
Padding Thickness0.4"
Interior Length28"
Interior Lower Bout Width11"
Interior Upper Bout Width5.1"
Interior Neck Width3.9"
Interior Depth2.4"
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The GBM4770 Mandolin Bag delivers reliable mandolin protection for safe storage and transportation. Along with a weather-resistant exterior that defends against moisture, the case features padding that prevents impact damage and a smooth lining that safeguards the instrument finish. Two accessory compartments provide convenient access to supplies and tools. Backpack-style straps enable hands-free transportation and a cushioned top handle makes for balanced, comfortable carrying. For ease of loading and unloading, a two-pull zipper fully opens and closes at either end or any point between.
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Mandolin Bag
Mandolin protection, storage, and transportation
Exterior Material
600D Nylon
Interior Material
210D Polyester
Exterior Pockets
Padding Thickness
Interior Length
Interior Lower Bout Width
Interior Upper Bout Width
Interior Neck Width
Interior Depth
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