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  • Low Volume Cymbals | LVCP5000

Low Volume Cymbals

  • Includes 14" hi-hats (pair), 16" crash, 18" crash, and 20" ride.

  • Compared to standard cymbals, volume is reduced by about 70% for unobtrusive practice and hearing protection.

  • Maintains the timbre of standard cymbals for comfortable live use in smaller venues.

  • Crafted from high-quality stainless steel for consistent tone and durability.

  • Great for beginners to learn on as well as for advanced players looking to control dynamics.

Product Attributes
Size14” (pair), 16”, 18”, 20”
ConstructionStainless Steel
FinishPolished Silver
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LVCP5000 Low-Volume Cymbals enable quiet, hearing-safe practice by reducing volume by about 70 percent compared to standard cymbals. Precision crafted from high-quality stainless steel, they maintain the familiar cymbal timbre and feel, making them a great choice for live performance in smaller venues where drummers may wish to avoid playing at higher volumes. The set includes a pair of 14" hi-hats, a 16" crash, an 18" crash, and a 20" ride, providing a wide range of sounds and rhythm options. They work perfectly with any drum kit as a drop-in replacement for traditional cymbals and they look the part as well, featuring a polished silver finish, perforated to produce less volume without the need for additional damping materials such as towels or drum mutes. Whether used for unobtrusive practice at home, as a hearing-safe tool for teaching the craft to beginners, or to control dynamics in practice rooms, clubs, and recording studios, these cymbals deliver consistent tone and durability for long-lasting creative inspiration and enjoyment
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On-Stage Stands
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Low Volume Cymbals
14” (pair), 16”, 18”, 20”
Stainless Steel
Polished Silver
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