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    Model Variations

    5-Piece Drum Set (Gloss Black)

    5-Piece Drum Set (Wine Red)

    • (2) Tom-Toms

    • Floor Tom

    • Bass Drum with bass drum pedal

    • Double-braced snare drum stand with snare drum

    • Double-braced cymbal stand with 16" solid brass ride cymbal

    • Double-braced hi-hat stand with pair of 14" solid brass hi-hat cymbals and pedal

    • Drum throne

    • Drum key

    • Pair of 15 1/2" Birch sticks

    Product Attributes
    Bass Drum22 x 16" 6 lug
    Floor Tom16 x 16" 5 lug
    Tom Tom13 x 11" 5 lug
    Tom Tom12 x 10" 5 lug
    Snare Drum14 x 5" 5 lug
    Drum Shells6-Ply Poplar
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    DrumFire drumsets give you a head start over other entry-level kits. Their quality 6-ply Poplar shells come in standard sizes used by drummers in all styles of music. Everything you need is included, from drum key, to sticks, to throne and cymbals. Available in two colors.
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    Other Percussion Accessories
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    5-Piece Drum Set (Wine Red)
    22 x 16" 6 lug
    16 x 16" 5 lug
    13 x 11" 5 lug
    12 x 10" 5 lug
    14 x 5" 5 lug
    6-Ply Poplar
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