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  • Tablet Case w/ U-Mount | TCM9150

Tablet Case w/ U-Mount

  • The mount and case are one in the same!

  • Holds and protects full-size iPad® generations 1, 2, 3, and 4 without hindering access or Wi-Fi reception

  • Mounts to mic stands and other stage gear

  • Leather-like case

  • Aluminum mounting arm with solid steel ball-joint attachment

  • Machined steel ball-joint allows tilt and 360 degree rotational adjustment

  • The case can be removed and used independently

  • The tablet can be removed from the case while it is mounted to the stand

  • Mounts to a mic stand, desktop mini-stand, boom or virtually any stand

  • A unique elliptical enveloping design clamps onto round or flat surfaces 11mm to 19mm wide

Product Attributes
ApplicationTablet holder
Holder Dimensions7.5" x 9.75"
Rotation360 degrees
Clamp0.45" - 0.75"
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Meet the On-Stage u-mount Universal System. The u-mount is designed by On-Stage, the most trusted name in stands since 1979. Other mounting schemes require removing a tablet computer from its protective cover, but the patent-pending u-mount is the protective cover! This unique case provides a threaded insert on the back that mates with an aluminum mounting arm system. Performers task tablet computers in stunningly creative ways every day. The On-Stage u-mount Tablet Mounting System is the way tablet computers become set lists, sheet music, mixing boards, playback devices, and even instruments themselves! Simply mount the system to any microphone stand, instrument hardware or support gear, and create your own On-Stage Revolution!
Brand Name
On-Stage uMount
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Tablet case
Short Description:
Tablet Case w/ U-Mount
Tablet holder
7.5" x 9.75"
360 degrees
0.45" - 0.75"
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