Tilt-Back Tripod Amp Stand

Model: RS7501
UPC: 659814140145
Base folds down and the main shaft contracts for ease of storage and transportation
Five tilt positions enable proper sound direction with reduced floor reflections
Holds an amp at the proper angle to direct sound toward the listener
Wide leg spread provides a stable foundation to ensure reliable amp support

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Product Properties


Our RS7501 Tilt-Back Tripod Amp Stand's heavy-duty tripod base adjusts to accommodate various sizes of amps and features five tilt positions that enable you to dial in optimal speaker projection while reducing floor reflections. A convenient articulated boom arm mounts a mic in front of the amp and conserves floor space by eliminating the need for an extra mic stand. Padded contact points protect the amp from dings and scratches while rubber feet on the base prevent unwanted movement.

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